Air Import / Export Forwarding

Air Transportation Services Satisfying Increasingly Sophisticated and Varied Needs. We will take care of all the troublesome procedures for you.

We allocate expert staff capable of performing various customs clearance procedures, including declarations, inspections and checks related to taxation, on behalf of our clients, in each region. They take all possible measures to ensure promptly responding to changes in the systems and procedures of customs clearance within their countries. With proper understanding of cargo features, statutory requirements and tariff rates, their proposals also cover the safest routes with optimal cost.

We can also perform operations including communication and coordination with exporters in exporting countries as well as inventory control, temporary storage and distribution processing of goods in imported countries. Well-experienced worldwide customs clearance staff meets your various needs for importing and exporting procedures and delivery of all kinds of goods including special cargo.


Ocean Freight (Import / Export)

Being the ocean freight forwarder, we provide comprehensive services at almost all seaport locations. As per the requirement of the customer we offer Full container load service and Less-than-container load service with ease and global reach. We have an excellent network with several ocean carriers throughout the world. Our experienced professionals also provide customized solutions as per the clients requirement thus avoiding unnecessary delays.


Land transportation can be considered a main player in logistics. We provide land transportation services closely linked to storage around the world.

We suggest what will be the best service for you, including proper selection of transportation mode, such as railroad in addition to trucks, while considering your cargo features, quantity, required lead time, quality and costs. We can also select special specification vehicles suitable for shipment of cold storage items, dangerous goods, heavy objects and liquids or determine the types of trucks in consideration of the destination situation.



As a supply chain manager, your concern is the efficient control and movement of product within a specified budget. Have you found yourself reviewing your current warehousing solution and concluding it no longer meets your existing business needs? Does product get damaged, lost or unaccounted for in your inventory management system? Do inaccurate inventory counts and other inventory-related issues persist? Does your on-premise warehouse management software no longer meet your logistics needs? Visual appeal below cashout cvv check this out right this moment

Through decades of experience at SL Shipping Services, we know that the underlying causes of many warehousing problems have a lot to do with the lack of sufficient resources, from time and manpower to technology.

Freight Forwarding

SL Shipping Service is a globally integrated freight forwarding enterprise with extensive valuable local experience, resources and relationships.We provide professional freight services including DDU, CONSOL BOX, DDP, Customs clearance, Trucking services, FCL and LCL, and warehousing to all customers in India.

Moving goods across the customs without delays takes expertise and reliability. We help you adapt in the constantly changing and perpetually dynamical world of customs and international trade so that you stay ahead of the competition. Let our certified customs broker and shipping agents ensure that your business complies with trade regulation.